Tina Frey Designs
Modern designs in resin metal paper textiles


Fall 2018 collection

The Demi Lune
Not half empty, but half full
Two halves make a whole
For sharing in the lidded bowl



Technicolor dreams
Boxes to hide away your treasures
Bon bons to make life sweet
Meals for sharing with pleasure


Fall 2017 Collection

Modern lines with soft gentle curves
Lidded boxes for necessities and uncluttered surroundings
Frees your mind to wander and think


Spring 2017 Collection

Awake after the winter hibernation; energized by the thaw of spring, beautiful objects inspire the workspace.  Like water droplets from melting snow, creativity flows.


Fall 2016 Collection

Warm & Cosy
winter candlelight, festive dinner parties into the cool night.  Plentiful tasty wine and cheese, emerald jewels that sparkle and please.  Brass, copper, and stainless steel delight.