Tina Frey Designs
Modern designs in resin metal paper textiles


Spring 2017 Collection

Awake after the winter hibernation; energized by the thaw of spring, beautiful objects inspire the workspace.  Like water droplets from melting snow, creativity flows.









Fall 2016 Collection

Warm & cozy winter candlelight, festive dinner parties into the cool night.  Plentiful tasty wine and cheese, emerald jewels that sparkle and please.  Brass, copper, and stainless steel delight.









Spring 2016 Collection


The new metal for the season.  Continuing the idea of the brass where it has been transformed to reflect the original resin forms.









Fall 2015 Collection

Resin, metal, paper, textile:

elements inspiring this season's collection.  Transformed to reflect the original resin form.  Metal achieves a soft feel.  Paper and textiles reflect the graphics and shape.








Jewelry Collection

A timeless collection of jewelry for all seasons.










Spring 2015 Collection

Urban Garden Collection

Imagine the fresh scent of blooming flowers, the spring green of new plants in pretty pots, swinging from the trees staring up at the blue sky, and happiness and smiling.








Fall 2014 Collection

Falling snowflakes on cozy pom pom hats, stark contrast of white and grey, blushing cheeks in the cold.