New Charcuterie Boards for Fall 2014!!

We have new Charcuterie Boards for Fall 2014 and I am so excited show you!!  I think these will be great for the upcoming holiday parties!  Imagine the delicious cheeses and meats being served...yum!!!  You can see more of our new collection in the Fall 2014 online catalog!

 The new Long Charcuterie Board and the Small Bread Board is pictured above.

 Here is the birds eye view of the new Charcuterie Boards Collection!

The Large Square Charcuterie Boards are shown in the front and the Long Board is in the back.  The Small Bread Boards are on top!

Here's how I would use them!  YUMMY!!!

Wait...there's an entire wedge of blue cheese missing!!!!  ZOE??!?!?!?!?

Getting ready for trade shows!!!

Hi everyone!  We have been super busy at the studio preparing for the upcoming trade shows!  We will be traveling to New York for the NY NOW exhibition in August, and then off to Paris for Maison & Objet in September!  We have new designs and we are really excited to show you!!

More to come in the next posts!!!

Happy Sunny Monday!

Hello everyone!  It is a lovely and warm (but cloudy) monday here in San Francisco right now.  We wish it was sunny outside today.  So we thought some sunny colors would help brighten up the day!

We call this limited edition happy color Egg Yolk Yellow!  You can view more of the collection through Tina Frey Designs or through our web store!

If you are in Corsica, France

If you are lucky enough to be in Corsica, France, at this moment, we recommend a visit to Unica Punta!  This is a concept store located at Hotel Genovese, which is an amazingly beautiful location!

 You can find the Tina Frey Designs Lapin Collection in their shop in addition to many other things too!

 Here are more photos of Hotel Genovese and Bonifacio, which will make you daydream about your next vacation!

If you do decide to go there, here is a useful Insider's Guide to Corsica by Garance Dore for Wall Street Journal!!  It will make you fall in love with this amazing place!

Inspiration from Artist - Hilma af Klint

When I visited Le Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2008, I saw the most amazing exhibition by Swedish artist, Hilma af Klint.  At the time, I was not familiar with the artist but I have never forgotten the paintings that I saw.  I absolutely adore her work!

Sometimes the colors and images get stored away in my memory and come back as inspiration for my future collections.  Here are some paintings by the artist that I absolutely LOVE for the colors and the abstract swirls which are almost like Venn diagrams.  You can read more about her here.

 "Group IV, No. 7, Adulthood" by Klint
 "The Ten Biggest, No. 2" 1907
"Group IV, Childhood"

I particularly love the pink colors in the photos below!!

The images below are from here.

Chain Link Necklaces on Zoe

Our top model, Zoe, will gladly strike a pose for chicken treats!  She is modeling the Tina Frey Designs Chain Link Necklaces in these photos!

 This is the Short Chain Link Necklace - shown in Signal Red and personal favorite!

 This is the Long Chain Link Necklace worn doubled up.  It is shown in the Orange and Frost combination.

 This is the Short Chain Link Necklace - shown in Green and Ocean Blue.


Elle Decor Trend Alert - Clear Colors

Yay!!  Our Tina Frey Designs Short Chain Link Necklace featured in the July/August 2014 issue of Elle Decor!!!

CLEAR COLORS - whether in glass, acrylic, or sheer fabrics, these transparent hues are adding a juicy twist to the season.

 Here are more colors of the Chain Link Necklaces from Tina Frey Designs:

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in purchasing our jewelry!

Happy Summer!

I hope everyone had a good July 4th long weekend!  Welcome to summer!!
 Come visit our shop to find more delicious and colorful inspiration for the season!

Flowers from Heidi

We have a lovely little garden across the street from our studio.  It looks like this:

It is a perfect little oasis and Zoe and I love going there every day for a little break.

We find little friends like this on occasion also.

The garden is always lovely and there are always flowers blooming and it smells so fresh and green!

The wonderful garden is looked after by H-Factor Landscaping and Heidi Becker and her team are always here keeping the place looking nice.  She brought us some flowers last week and they were so beautiful that I took some photos!  The colors are so amazing!!  I hope you enjoy!

Vases are available in the Tina Frey Designs web shop!

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

This upcoming Friday is July 4th...which means it is Independence Day in the USA!  To celebrate, we are offering a little special on our Tina Frey Designs web store!  You can get Free Shipping within the USA by entering HAPPY4TH in the store during check out!

Here is a little color inspiration for the holiday weekend!  We are thinking red, white, and blue.  Barbeques, corn on the cob, picnics in the park, and fireworks!  YAY!!!!

Apolis: Common Gallery

While I was in Los Angeles and visiting Alchemy Works in the Arts District, I also discovered Apolis: Common Gallery.  I can't believe I had not known about this place before because the entire concept and philosophy of the company is super interesting!

"Apolis (a-pöl-is) means global citizen and they are a socially motivated lifestyle brand that empowers communities worldwide."

Basically, the company has founded a business that creates social change by creating their collection through partnering with manufacturers in Uganda, Peru, Bangladesh, and locally in Los Angeles.  The model is founded on the simple idea that people globally can live better lives when they are given equal access to the marketplace and empowers people to determine their own future.

Most importantly, the company is a Certified B Corporation which means that they have met a higher standard of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.  The short explanation is "B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee, or USDA Organic certification is to milk."

(Now WE want to make Tina Frey Designs a Certified B Corporation!  We will keep you posted on when we receive our certification too!)

Perhaps it is best to explain what I discovered at Apolis in pictures:

Besides using business as a force for good, they have developed an amazing lifestyle brand which includes, clothing, accessories, luggage, and footwear.

 Lovely hand knitted Co-op Alpaca Beanie sourced from a 35 person Peruvian coop!

 Arts District Market Bag, Apolis + Kinfolk Garden Bag, and the Standard Tote.  These are handcrafted by an artisan women's co-op in Bangladesh.

  Washed Linen Pocket Squares and Polka Dot Pocket Squares in a variety of colors!  Locally made in Los Angeles.

Because you cannot have enough tote bags, here is the Canvas Casual Tote handcrafted in Los Angeles.

Good reads!  They even have The Economist...I love this weekly magazine!

Apolis Co-op Roast Coffee and Travel Issue Travel Candles!
note:  The coffee is sold out online!  You will have to visit the store to get some!

The Flannel Wool Ties are made of virgin wool flannel woven in Canada, eh?  I grew up in Canada!  :)

 More good reads!

You can find more accessories here.

I love the comfy casual looks they put together!  I could totally see wearing all of this!

I hope you enjoyed discovering Apolis.  I know I certainly did and I hope you will find some things to incorporate into your wardrobe and home too. FriendsWithYou

My blog post yesterday about clouds made me think of this short animation, "Cloudy", created by FriendsWithYou.

"It is an art piece from 2012 with the purpose to transcend its viewers to a relaxed and joyous state.  Cloudy was premiered on i am OTHER via Pharrell Williams' cultural movement channel, an entertainment based portal on YouTube.  This short is an exploration into the Clouds.  The idea of clouds singing and performing their duties in a joyful manner shows us that everything in our world has a role and a purpose.  A sweet visual soundscape that takes the viewer through a personal journey into the sky.  Sing, dance, and relax as you follow a sweet cast of clouds and raindrops through an entrancing adventure you'll wish to take over and over again..."

I just think it is the cutest thing and makes me want to join the make-believe world!

(click here, or on any of the images below, to watch the short animation):

I hope you enjoy!!

Dwell Pop Up Shop

I was at Dwell on Design this last weekend in Los Angeles and they had the Dwell Pop-Up Store for the first time at the exhibition!  They had a variety of their favorite things available from their web store and I wanted to share some of the fun things I found!

 Zangra Lighting.

Tote bag designed by Alyson Fox.

Craig Carrying Case designed by Delfonics.

Blockitecture - designed by James Paulius for Areaware.

 Rhombins Desktop Organizer - designed by Eric Pfeiffer for AMAC.

Corrugated Notebooks designed by Nomess Copenhagen.

 Tipsy Paperweight designed by Danny Giannella and Tammer Hijazi for Bower.

 Hanging Planters designed by Tina Frey Designs.

Abner Teak Toolbox designed by Aaron Poritz Furniture.

 That's me with the hanging planters from Tina Frey Designs on the Eames Hang-It-All Coat Rack by Herman Miller.

Hanging Ring Perpetual Calendar designed by Sebastien Berfne for L'Atelier d'exercises.

Red Snake Framed Print by Mark McGinnis.

Blue Fern Framed Print by Mark McGinnis.

 Blue Elephant Framed Print by Mark McGinnis.

Blossom Candlesticks designed by Anders Nørgaard for Applicata.

 Falcon Enamelware tumblers.

Norm Thermo Cup with Lid designed by Norm Architects for Menu.

 Tower Salt Grinder designed by Tom Dixon.

Noe Modular 6-Bottle Wine Rack designed by Giulio Iacchetti for Alessi.

Frame Bag designed by Konstantin Grcic for Maharam.

Utilitarian Ceramic Wares Vessel designed by Ben Feiss.

Arbor Jewelry Stand designed by Zoë Mowat.

Wireless M Lamp designed by David Irwin for Juniper.

Babylon Alarm Clock, Tape Dispenser, Scissors on Stand, Stapler, and Pen Cup designed by Samuel Wilkinson for Lexon.

Bacsac Composter Bag designed by Godefroy de Virieu for Bacsac.

Deneb Diamond Kite designed by Emily Fisher for Haptic Lab.

Eames Hang-It-All Coat Rack designed by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller.

Moss + Desum Vertical Terrarium Bottle by Potting Shed Creations.

Discocó Pendant Light designed by Christophe Mathieu for Marset.
PH 50 Pendant Light designed by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen.
Parison Pendant Light designed by Nat Cheshire for Resident.

Yoshii Linen Border Towel designed by Maho Ukai for Yoshii.