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YNDŌ HOTEL in Bordeaux

Hello everyone!  Exciting news!  A new 5 star boutique design hotel has just opened in Bordeaux, France:

It is nestled a few steps from Place Gambetta, the Cours de L'Interdance, and Tourny.  The hotel is a typical old mansion from the 19th century where the twelve rooms and suites are uniquely appointed.

Follow me and I will give you a grand tour!

The hotel is beautifully decorated with designs from Damien Langlois-Meurinne, Hubert le Gall, Campana Brothers, Tom Dixon....and Tina Frey Designs!
 That is the Long Trough  in white from Tina Frey Designs on the table!  So nice to see it being used as it was designed... for a big dining table!

 The Void Copper hanging lights are from Tom Dixon.  The copper lights in the previous photo above are the Copper Shades also from Tom Dixon.  The amazing art on the walls is from Yannick Fournié.
 Let's take a closer look at the hotel rooms!  Follow me!!

 I like the design classics like these Platner Chairs mixed with the 19th century building and other modern design classics!

 The sunny outdoor spaces are lovely too!

 I love the white marble bathrooms!

 You can see the Tina Frey Designs Square Cups and Tray in the close up of the beautiful marble bathrooms!  What a perfect space!
Here are more closeups of the details with Tina Frey Designs!  Fresh fruit and pastries anyone?!
 That's the Small Pedestal Bowl and Baguette Dish from Tina Frey Designs!  This would be my idea of the perfect breakfast in the hotel room!
 Strawberries and whipped cream accompanied by a lovely white wine could also be nice!

The Long Troughs are available in grey and white by Tina Frey Designs!
I hope you enjoyed your little vacation to this beautiful destination...even if it is just vicariously through the blog post!

All photos in this post are by Sebastien Carrier.