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Tina Frey at Alain Ducasse Plaza Athénée in Paris!

As promised in yesterday's blog post, here are the behind the scenes and close up photos of the details at the Alain Ducasse restaurant at Plaza Athénée in Paris!

I went back the next day after our dining experience to take photos before the evening dinner service started.  I'm so glad I went to see this AFTER our amazing meal since every course that came out was a surprise and so unique from the last. The presentation and dishware used for each course was a performance and complemented each dish perfectly.  Dramatic and serene at the same time...

I got a glimpse of the incredible amount of advance preparation by the talented chef, Romain Meder, the amazing team in the kitchen, and the rest of the staff that went into each evening's meals.  This is nothing short of perfection!

 When you enter the room, it is simply magical!
 Look at the beautiful lighting!!  You are immediately surrounded by the magic in the room!

 This is just a small selection of the amazing crystal, copper, and silverware in the cabinets...there's even more on the shelves!
 I love the shiny silver seating in the room which adds a modern feel to the traditional design of the hotel and room.
 These were the lights on the table which added a candle-like glow during the evening.
 The modern sculptural table settings greet you when you enter the room and sit down at your table.  It is beautiful and unexpected...very much like the rest of the evening to come!

 The chandelier was modernized and embellished all around with a selection of crystal hanging pieces which made them look even more grand.  I couldn't stop admiring them during the evening the night before!
 I think this is the one of the most special tables in the restaurant...like an amphitheater!
 They have thought of every detail!  The little white side tables are for the ladies to place their handbags during the meal.  Everything about this restaurant is so well thought out!
 So shiny!  That's my reflection in the picture!
 The traditional elements of the room are maintained throughout so there is a wonderful mix of the old and the new in perfect balance.
 Delicious surprises arrive in the cart below during the meal!
 This is the view from the restaurant to the courtyard outside.

 I have a feeling that dining for lunch would also be a lovely experience!
 Here is the kitchen hard at work preparing for the busy evening!

 Here is me with the amazing chef of Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée: Romain Meder!
 His team is working very hard.  If you could just see the end result of what they are making in those little bowls, you would be quite amazed!  This was served during the meal the previous night and it resembles a millefiori glass paperweight with it's colorful tightly wound vegetables packed into the bowl!  Besides the beauty of the dish, it was also really delicious!
 Here the wonderful person, Bubaka (I hope I spelled his name right!), who looked after our table when we dined there the night before.  He was so knowledgeable about all the details of what was being served and made the experience so fun and enjoyable!

He is showing me the amazing chocolates which are served on the Tina Frey Designs small bread board!  I was so thrilled when I saw them being used at the restaurant!!

 Some of the sweet dessert items are prepared in advance...waiting for their turn to be presented towards the end of the meal.  That round cake you see on the rack above was one of the most amazing things I tasted since it was drizzled with the perfect splash of rum before serving.  The delicate texture of the sweet cake with the rum absorbed was indescribable.  WOW!
Oooh!  Look!  They are using the Creamer from the Tina Frey Designs Cream & Sugar Set!
 This is what it looked like on the table the night before....delicious!!!

 Yes, that is an amazing cheese on the cutting board being prepared for the cheese cart...

 The kitchen is starting to buzz with activity in preparation for the evening.

 More cheese!!
 The kitchen is immaculate!  I love the red color!
 At the end of the meal, the herds and plants on the cart were carefully harvested to brew the most amazingly refreshing cup of tea...Lemon Grass and other amazing herbs!!
 Farewell for now!  We hope to see you again next time!
We want to say a big thank you to:

Denis Courtiade, the general manager
Laurent Roucayrol, the sommelier, for the amazing white wine selection for our meal
Romain Meder, the talented chef

and most of all...Alain Ducasse for an unforgettable experience!!!