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Just for fun...more behind the scenes of me...behind the scenes

I couldn't help but share these funny photos of me taking behind-the-scenes photos at Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée in the previous blog post.

I had no idea I looked so funny...

 You would think I was sneaking up on fast moving wildlife in the forest or something!  Hahaha!

 It's a bird!!  No...it is just the most beautiful crystal, copper, and silverware!

 All finished with my photos!  I am in the lobby of Plaza Athénée...until next time!  Au revoir!
P.S.  My favorite skirt in my Fall 2014 wardrobe is the neoprene scuba skirt from Acne Studios and my Stan Smith Adidas sneakers!  I have been wearing both of them practically non-stop everywhere and they are soooooo comfortable too!