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New Charcuterie Boards for Fall 2014!!

We have new Charcuterie Boards for Fall 2014 and I am so excited show you!!  I think these will be great for the upcoming holiday parties!  Imagine the delicious cheeses and meats being served...yum!!!  You can see more of our new collection in the Fall 2014 online catalog!

 The new Long Charcuterie Board and the Small Bread Board is pictured above.

 Here is the birds eye view of the new Charcuterie Boards Collection!

The Large Square Charcuterie Boards are shown in the front and the Long Board is in the back.  The Small Bread Boards are on top!

Here's how I would use them!  YUMMY!!!

Wait...there's an entire wedge of blue cheese missing!!!!  ZOE??!?!?!?!?