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Fall 2014 Color Inspiration - Pale Perfection!

Here is how the new Pale Rose Color for Fall 2014 began...

I really fell in love with the "Pale Perfection" colors from the cover from the May/June 2014 issue of Vogue Living Australia.

The pale pink with the clean white background and splotches of black in these photos really inspired the theme of the Tina Frey Designs Fall 2014 collection.

As I was getting more and more obsessed with this pale pink color, I started to notice how I was gravitating to this color repeatedly in other things in the same color.  Here are some other examples:

Photo from Weekday Carnival blog.



Photo from mx living.  How cozy!

After seeing these inspiration photos, perhaps you can see how this new color became part of the collection!  We hope you will love the Pale Rose Color from our Fall 2014 collection as much as we do!  Enjoy!