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Behind the Scenes at the 7x7 Magazine Style Council Photo Shoot

Here are the behind-the-scenes photos from the 7x7 September 2014 Magazine Style Council photo shoot!
 Josephine Wissenberg from Aubri Balk, Inc. did my make up.  Moises Villa from diPietro Todd salon did my hair.  They made me look AMAZING!!

Zoe didn't end up in the final photo but she was also in the photo shoot.  She was curled up on the blanket and didn't want to move!

 That is the very talented photographer, Cooper Carras!  His photographs are really beautiful!!

 That is Josephine Wissenberg again...she is beautiful and has great Southern California style!

 That's part of my wardrobe hanging on the right side.

 I'm in the car on my way back to the studio after the photo shoot with all my make up on...I was feeling quite glamorous!