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When in doubt...

I'm sure everyone occasionally encounters these thoughts of doubt once in a while.  I recently read this post by Si, on her French By Design blog.  She couldn't have put it more perfectly in describing the importance of re-focusing on what's important, getting your positive energy back, and having a little getaway, with family, or friends, when you are feeling a little overwhelmed.  It was so nice to read that I am not the only one who feels this way sometimes!


I know it is hard to getaway when you are in the thick of things...but this is a little encouragement that even short getaways are helpful in getting your mojo back!

I find that I need to force myself to get vacations booked in the schedule well ahead of time.  I used to feel guilty booking time off.  Maybe it wasn't deserved yet, it's not in the budget, etc...

But I have come to realize that without taking a break, I am mentally drained, exhausted, not as productive or creative.  I also find these getaways inspirational!

Does anyone else feel that way too?  I hope to encourage everyone to try to do this for themselves...even if it is a short getaway on a budget.

Which leads to my upcoming posts...vacation!  I can't wait to share with you the things I found inspirational!  More soon!!