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The Story Behind Our Modern Designs in Resin

We often get asked about the inspiration behind the designs and how they are made.  We thought we would share the story with you!

Here are my tools!

 The inspiration for the new designs come from many things.  Usually, I have an idea of something functional that I would like to create that is cohesive with the rest of the collection.  I like making clean simple shapes with a little wabi-sabi element.  I also like making things that can be put to many uses...to have on my desk, tabletop, bathroom, etc.  I am always gathering ideas of shapes, objects, and colors that can be incorporated into the collection.

So the new idea needs to get translated into an object.  It starts with a block of clay...

The clay somehow needs to get  translated into a softer object.  This happens with a bit of elbow grease to get things started.

It's not very technical...but I smash it with my hands to slowly work it into shape.

It still looks quite rough in the beginning but I am still trying out ideas at this point.

Slowly, but surely, the bowl starts to take shape.  Sometimes the object comes together very quickly.

But I usually take some time to sculpt the piece and then come back to it and re-look at it again...and adjust and fine tune it again and again.

 When I am finally satisfied with the clay object, a mold carefully is made by hand.

The casting of each item is done individually by hand also.  The liquid resin material is poured into each mold and allowed to cure.

No electricity or machinery is required in the creation of the items during the whole process since the molds are made by hand and the material is allowed to cure on its own.

We also use food safe, lead and BPA free resin to make our collection.

When the item has cured, it is carefully removed from the mold.

The items are then sanded.  Initially, a rougher sanding is done to smooth out the surface.

Then the careful sanding with finer and finer sand paper is done by hand on each object.

We have a small family-run workshop of five to seven artisans who make the molds, cast, and sand each item.  They are truly handmade with care!  All the pieces are finally hand finished, packed, and shipped from our San Francisco studio before they are shipped out to you!

We hope you enjoyed reading the story behind how our collection is made!  You can also click on the link to our story here: