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Thank you for coming to the San Francisco Design Week Studio Tour & PARTY!

Hello!  Thank you to everyone who came to the San Francisco Design Week Studio Tour and Party!  It was lovely to meet you and we are so glad you had an opportunity to visit and see what we do here!  Here are some photos from the studio tour and party last night.


Zoe welcomed the guests, as usual.

Fellow designers, Tin Wong and John Kauphusman, from Pacific Connections!

The cupcakes are from Kara's Cupcakes!  My favorite is the Chocolate Velvet!!!

 Pizza from Pizzeria Delfina!  Yum!!

 David Robinson from the Four Seasons Hotel, San Francisco.

 Michael Cunningham from the SFMOMA Museum Store!

Music by DeWayne Oakley and Christopher L. Clarke
You can often find them playing on Maiden Lane in Union Square, San Francisco!

 Adrienne Eberhardt is on the left from Adrienne Eberhardt Creative.
That's Anna Smith on the right!  She is our Customer Coordinator at Tina Frey Designs and she is absolutely AMAZING!  If you have called us on the phone or sent us an email, you have probably spoken or emailed with her!

 That's Johanna Bialkin from Aldea Home and Aldea Baby!

 Making lunch plans with David Woolman from Timbuk2.

The lovely wine and flowers were from Bi Rite Market.

 We LOVE the blog, French by Design!  We were soooo thrilled that Si Mazouz came to our event!  That is her on the right side (with friend on the left).

Cupcakes from Kara's!!

The blogger, Si Mazouz, from French by Design, is on the left, with her friend in the center.  On the right is Norman Gershenz, from SaveNature.org


 If you visit our retail shop on Saturdays, you will likely meet Lauren Benson!  That's her in the middle of the photo.

In case you didn't know, our retail shop and showroom is now open to the public:
Monday to Friday:  9am - 5pm
Saturday:  11am - 5pm

 The delicious cheese selection is from La Fromagerie!  They are our neighbors here in Dogpatch!

Pleeeeeeease let some of that cheese drop down here!!!  I LOVE cheese.

 Ali says "Where's my treat?!?!!!"

 That's Ivor Collins from R Group Inc.

That is Clementine Marot on the left side of the picture with friends!  She is our Sales & Marketing Assistant and is here from Paris, France!  C'est tres bon! Non?!
 They are all saying hello to Mathieu Thouvenin!!!