In Dog Patch

Hello everyone!  I was recently interviewed for this blog indogpatch which is a periodic blog profiling the interesting people in San Francisco's Dogpatch neighborhood!  The blog is written by Patricia Kline and the photos are by Scott R. Kline.

Patricia and Scott moved to this neighborhood in 2011 and they picked this area for its unique character, and unique characters.  Patricia is a pastry chef, artisan food consultant, and career coach.  Scott is a commercial portrait photographer.

After meeting so many fabulous folks in Dogpatch, they decided to photograph and write about them and share their stories with the rest of San Francisco and the blog was born!

It was really interesting to read their blog and to discover all the amazing things that my neighbors were doing all around me!

Here is the blog post today about Tina Frey Designs.  Perhaps you will now know even more about me and the history of how this all started.  I hope you can come and visit us at the studio and shop soon!