Journal FriendsWithYou

My blog post yesterday about clouds made me think of this short animation, "Cloudy", created by FriendsWithYou.

"It is an art piece from 2012 with the purpose to transcend its viewers to a relaxed and joyous state.  Cloudy was premiered on i am OTHER via Pharrell Williams' cultural movement channel, an entertainment based portal on YouTube.  This short is an exploration into the Clouds.  The idea of clouds singing and performing their duties in a joyful manner shows us that everything in our world has a role and a purpose.  A sweet visual soundscape that takes the viewer through a personal journey into the sky.  Sing, dance, and relax as you follow a sweet cast of clouds and raindrops through an entrancing adventure you'll wish to take over and over again..."

I just think it is the cutest thing and makes me want to join the make-believe world!

(click here, or on any of the images below, to watch the short animation):

I hope you enjoy!!