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Close up at Hotel Escondido

As you recall, there was a recent post of our visit to Hotel Escondido.  There are so many nice details I couldn't help but notice and photograph!

 Lovely cactus garden!

Nice details in the fan and copper ceiling light in the reception area.

LOVE the green pants!!

This is the entrance to our own individual bungalow...complete with plunge pool in the back!

Breakfast and dinner in the open air dining area is wonderful!

Mangos are my favorite fruit...this one was perfect!!!

 I am admiring the construction of the ceiling of the open air room.

What a cute little broom!

The locally made earthenware cups and plates were so nice!

Vintage looking fan...more due to the salty sea air.

Breakfast options!

Would anyone fancy a game of badminton or beach volleyball?

Thirsty towels by the pool...

Yes, that swimming pool is at beach level...WOW!!

Perhaps a refreshing shower after a dip in the pool?

Here are some things you can find at the hotel's shop.

Local activities available at the hotel!  However, just lounging by the pool sounds pretty tempting also!

Or perhaps some time in the spa??

The decor in the rooms was simple, rustic, and charming...but with modern conveniences and mid-century touches.

And yes, we did come to Puerto Escondido for the surf.  Do you think we over packed?!  No!!!

Who needs these if you can go barefoot!

I hope you enjoyed our vacation vicariously through this blog post!