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Where did Tina Frey go??

Dear Readers,

I AM BACK!!!!!

Time has really flown by and I can't believe that it has been one year since my last blog post.  I felt terrible for not posting since I have had soooo many stories and news to share with you!  It seems that I just got busier and busier and the days just flew by like the wind.  It only got harder to get back into the regular routine of blogging, which I truly enjoyed, amongst the many creative elements of my work.  I guess being busy is good but I really needed to get refocused on doing the things I love.

The good news is that I finally have a really wonderful little team of people (more on this later!) who have recently joined Tina Frey Designs and it is so much fun to have the camaraderie around the studio, laugh, talk, and share in the work and achievements.  So I hope to finally have the time again to focus on telling my latest news.

I am so happy to be back and I promise not to abandon my readers again! It was truly a pleasure to share the inspirations for the collection, the travels, and the daily stories around the studio.

So without further delay....let me continue where I left off last!

Where did I go?  Can anyone guess which city I was in from this photo?

To find out if you guessed right, the answer will be in the next blog post!