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Warm and Fuzzy Logic

The upcoming Fall 2014 collection will be making its debut in a few months.  I was very inspired by fuzzy and warm wooly textures.  I wanted to share with you some photos of things that I love.  In my later posts on the Fall collection, perhaps you will see how this has influenced my designs for the new collection!

First of all, I LOVE pom poms!

Photo from Fox & Owl blog.

This is Pom Pom Installation is from Marcha Golemac.

The fluffy pom poms translated to a love of colorful fringe...

Fuzzy pillows are from A Détacher.

I would really Really REALLY love this colorful tapestry by Maryanne Moodie!
and this also...

But most amazingly of all, I found this these beautiful tapestries by Judit Just through etsy!!

I hope you enjoyed today's post of the inspiration of fuzzy textures.  There will be more on this inspiration soon!!