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My ideal morning coffee...

I have been quite obsessed with an ideal cup of coffee recently since there are so many wonderful local coffee roasters popping up in the recent years.  One of my favorite places is Sightglass.  The technique of making the perfectly brewed cup of coffee is down to a science.

Here are the tools for making the perfect cup of pour-over coffee:
-  Coffee Beans from Sightglass - Blue Boon blend
Porlex Mini Mill - hand grinder
Hario V60 Glass Dripper
Hario V60 Filters

The cream & sugar sets (available in two sizes) from Tina Frey Designs also accompany the setting quite nicely!

Ideally, you should use a scale, weigh, measure, and time everything so it is accurate.  You can find the complete brewing guide here.

What is more perfect than a great cup of coffee along with a chocolate croissant from the neighborhood bakery!  YUMMY!!!