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Giant Spectacles Ball

Since I was not keeping up with the blogging last year, I accumulated quite a bunch of photos and stories that I have been wanting to share with everyone.  Although the timeline of some of these events may be a bit out of order, I hope you can still enjoy them!

The Giant Spectacles Ball was selected for the Psychotropia Exhibition by François Bernard during Maison & Objet in August 2013.  It was specifically created for this display and it was such a thrill to have shown this in such a wonderful setting!

The explanation of the theme of the exhibition was...
"What if we visited parallel worlds?
A double self could explore the arcana of the mysterious in order to dream of forms, and reveal them on the surface of time..."

  Here is the Giant Spectacles Ball!
It was made with about 1500 individual "spectacles" hung with varying lengths of clear line in a shape of a 1.25 meter ball!

Like a dream...."showing what cannot be seen and offering a vision beyond understanding"...

The project was really fun to make!  I will have "behind the scenes" photos of this ball in the next post!