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Behind the Scenes...of the Giant Spectacles Ball

Hello again!

I thought you might enjoy seeing how the Giant Spectacles Ball from yesterday's post about the Psychotropia exhibit at Maison & Objet came together in the studio.  Here are some photos of how it was very very slowly created!

I used a mix of other colors initially just to get the shape right first...

Oh dear...I think this is going to take some time...and MANY MANY more "spectacles" pieces too!

 I've been at this for days now!  Up and down the ladder again and again has been a great workout!

And more days...

 Zoe is keeping me company as usual!

It is very slowly taking shape!

I think I finally have the overall shape right!  Yay!!

 I think Zoe likes it!  But she looks a bit bored!  She would rather play outside.

The final result was a giant 1.25 meter ball.  It took over 1500 pieces to complete this display!  Then the whole thing had to be dismantled and transported to Paris for set up again at Maison & Objet for the Psychotropia Exhibit...

Here we are setting it up again in the final color!  It was done completely in cobalt blue for the final exhibition.  (This is actually my first time seeing it in the final color...as it was going up!  Gulp!)

 That is François Bernard (on the ladder), and his team helping me assemble it at the exhibition.


The final setting!

I hope you enjoyed this little back story about how this all came together!