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White Rabbit Cakes! Yummy!

I hope you have had your breakfast because today's post is going to make you hungry!

A while back, I discovered this amazing illustrator/animator/designer from the Netherlands named Klaartje Berkelmans.  She has a great website and etsy shop where you can see some of her creations.  Last September, she made a super cute blog post with a recipe for White Rabbit Cakes with Coco Mousse!  Yummy!!

I was so amazed at her creations and photos that I wanted to share them with you!  This recipe and post was inspired by the Lapin Collection!
Can you believe she made this cake?!  You can view the complete post here.
 I also love her beautiful photos with the delicate cakes and the bright red raspberries which match the red strip on the linens.  What attention to detail!
She provides step-by-step instructions and a recipe so you can recreate this yourself!  Look at how she made the ears?!!  Sooooooo adorable!!!
Here is the recipe below...but it is best to get her complete instructions here.  I hope you enjoyed!