Tina Frey Designs
Modern designs in resin metal paper textiles



If you haven't yet checked out WANTFUL, they have some excellent gift ideas for those who are hard to shop for!  This is perfect for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, corporate gifts, or just because...

Basically, you can explore the gift options and create a gift based on the person's interest, your budget, etc.

Your collection of gifts is then custom printed and wrapped like a present in imported Japanese rice paper, then delivered in an embossed black envelope and it looks really beautiful!  The best part is that they can choose what they want from the selection you created!  How fun!

They also like to tell the story behind many of the designers of the products they carry and it is really interesting to read about all the other creators and what inspires them!  They recently visited my studio, took some photos, and did a nice story on Tina Frey Designs!  If you are reading this on your iPad, you can view the story here.
 Here is the story from their visit:
These are some of the things from Tina Frey Designs you can find at WANTFUL!
You can also read other stories about the other designers at WANTFUL by downloading the app for iPad.  So much fun to read about them too!