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Elements...by François Bernard

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have been quite behind in reporting all the latest happenings for Tina Frey Designs.

I am finally getting around to posting about the "Elements" exhibition curated and conceptualized by François Bernard.  I was so thrilled since my designs were selected and this took place during Maison & Objet in September 2012.  The exhibition was really well done and inspiring!  To be in the company of so many amazing designers was truly an honor!

The theme of the event was focused on the "Elements" of Water, Air, Earth, and Fire...

..."elements proposes a vision of current design for objects and furniture that combine geometrical, archetypal, molecular, and abstract forms and thus favor a simple, poetic timelessness.  But if this kind of elementary expression is simple, it is not simplistic.  The objects are rich with emotion and sensation.  Their geometrical dimension fuses with the physical states of nature, whose elements - water, earth, fire and air - bring fluidity, mass, cohesion, and power; or, conversely, lightness, evanescence.  These objects invite us to "dream" with their forms, their surface appearance, or the physical properties of their materials"

Here are the photos from the exhibition!  Hopefully you will find some inspiration in seeing the other designs also!
Please step inside...

 Look!  Here are my designs in the "Water" or "Eau" collection!