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Official New Studio Tour!

Hello everyone!

I have finally got the pictures ready to give you the official tour of the (drum roll please...)

Let's begin!
 Zoe says "come on in!"
This is a MUCH larger space than my previous studio shown here and here.  It's a relief since it was getting really cramped to work in the old space.  This feels REALLY large right now.

Let's go upstairs...
This is the view towards our desks...
This is the view of the showroom / lunchroom area.

Everything was set up on display from the Studio Warming Party last week.

This is my FAVORITE spot in the studio.  It is the window ledge by my desk and I love how it is so sunny in the morning.

I currently have my plastic animal photo props on display.

...the official color samples in the collection...

Here is a quick peek at the new jewelry collection!

And that's it!

Thanks for visiting!!  (woof!)