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I have discovered a new favorite magazine!  It is more than a magazine.  It is called Monocle and it is a publication that focuses on global affairs, business, culture, and design.  I picked up the May issue on my most recent trip to Hong Kong and Tokyo and I have not been able to put it down.  Their website is also full of interesting content!  There is a link to Radio, Programs which include news reports about culture, travel, and arts briefings, the magazine, and shop.  I could spend hours on their website alone!
 I was particularly amused with May's issue which detailed the popularity of services and products for dogs in Japan.  These are very pampered pooches!
I love how they added the imaginary dialogue for the dogs.  So funny!
 How about a dip in the hot spring for fluffy at the dog onsen?!
I spotted these actual dogs in Japan sporting these stylish haircuts!
 This looks like a "Cupcake" and "Shitzu face" combination!
Somehow irresistibly cute!!  Aside from this article, there are many really interesting reports on a variety of different issues.  I will definitely subscribe to this publication!  Enjoy!