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Honored Guest Designer

As noted in my earlier blog, I had the honor of having a very special guest assist me with the set up of my exhibition stand at Maison & Objet.  I am still truly amazed that he joined me in Paris for this task!  Wow!!
 The honored guest was Masato Yamamoto!

He worked as an in-house designer at a European interior product design company (Bodum) for 13 years before becoming an independent and founding "studio in the air" in 2007.

His more recent work includes the "400 each" glass set.
It is a glass set consisting of 6 pieces.  The vessels are perceived as differing substantially because of their varying heights and widths.  However, they all have the same volume capacity of exactly 400ml.  The set's wide array of forms allows for a multitude of uses.  As such, the glasses can be used to serve beverages as well as desserts.  The surprise effect lies in discovering their commonality.  They are also stackable for easy storage.  AMAZING!

Here is a list of his accomplishments!  I have always admired the double wall glass tumbler by bodum!

I was so thrilled that I had the pleasure of his company at Maison & Objet!!
The most exciting news of all is that he is a GUEST DESIGNER for some new things that will be making their debut in Fall 2012!  I cannot wait to show you the new designs!!

Stay tuned for more news!