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I was totally coveting these perforated leather Mary Jane Flats by Rochas.
 I found them at La Garconne, one of my favorite shopping websites which stocks most of my favorite labels.  Unfortunately they were completely out of my size since I only noticed them last week when they already went on sale  :(

Aren't they the cutest with this dress by Charles Anastase?  (I love the volume on the back of the dress!)  I really like the idea of wearing the flat shoes and black socks with them.  They also look really comfortable!

 Anyway, I did not want to let good inspiration go to waste....sooooo

I went to Chinatown and found these great substitutes.  The best part is that they only cost $12/pair.  I was so thrilled that I bought two pairs...one in black and one in navy blue!  How I love a bargain, especially since they look so damn cool worn with my nerdy black socks!
 They are also really comfortable for working and standing around in my studio.
 Here is what I wore them with today!
 (hey Ali, get out of the way of my photo!  You're getting rather big!)

I hope you like my shoes and socks inspiration!  Let me know what you think!