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Behind the scenes at Maison & Objet - January 2012

Here are the "behind the scenes photos" of how everything comes together at Maison & Objet.  These photos are from January.  I am all bundled up during set up because it was WINTER in Paris!  It was very cold even though this was indoors...the freight loading doors are open during all the construction.  Brrrrr!

I was very lucky to have help with setting up from a VERY special honored guest!  These photos were taken by my special guest!  (More on that in my next post!)
 Here comes my delivery!  Those two pallets of boxes hoisted up on the fork lift are the contents of my ENTIRE display.  It always makes me nervous to see it lifted so high off the ground.
 Unloading boxes
 Setting up the tables...

 Are we done yet?

 Hey look!  I'm still smiling and awake despite the jet lag!

 The Square Collection!
The Side Tables, Stools, Trays, Woofy, and Vases.
 These are the new Spectacles Collection display!
 It is slowly coming together!