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Tina Frey is back!

Hello everyone!  You must be wondering why it has been soooooooo long since my last blog post!  I have not disappeared!  In fact, it has been non-stop sleep-deprived busy since my last post and I am finally reemerging from the workload.  I have so much exciting news to share since January!  Where do I start?!!

So without further delay, I will start with my first post!

Welcome to Spring 2012!  (Is it Spring already?  How did the time fly by so fast?!)  This was the view from my desk at the studio a few days ago.  It was a beautiful sunny day outside.  I lined up the current selection of sample colors like a rainbow.  I love colorful rainbows!

To welcome everyone back to my blog, we need to have a song!  I think of this song every time I think of rainbows.  I know all the words and it makes me feel all happy when I hear (and sing) it!  Enjoy!

I have more blog posts to come!  I will have to tell you everything you missed since my last post back in early January.