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Sweet Freaks

A few of my new Spring 2012 designs was selected for the Sweet Freaks exhibition at Maison & Objet!  This collection was curated by Nelly Rodi, trend forecasters that search out new concepts, talents, brands, and products.
 Here's a little background on the concept behind the collection.  It is really about non-conformity, imagination, unexpected creativity, forgetting fears and constraints in design.  We shouldn't be afraid of "blooming strangeness which wards off mass melancholy"!  "Like a fairytale on acid..."  Quite amusing!

You can read more about this below:
(You can click on the translation above to enlarge)

Here are some photos of my Spring 2012 designs included in their exhibition!
 Here are photos from the exhibition itself.  It was a bit difficult to capture the chaos in my photographs since it was in a dark setting but this will give you an idea of what it looked like...along with the other crazy designers too! 

You can also view the video by Nelly Rodi which provides a commentary and images about this trend of Sweet Freaks.

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