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Design Tide Tokyo

While I was in Tokyo during the Design Week, there were many exciting events taking place!  One of them was Design Tide Tokyo.
The event was incredibly inspiring!  The exhibition is comprised of many new designers who exhibit their creations...many of which are still in the prototype stage.  It is really interesting to talk to them and see how they came up with their ideas.  Many have not gone to the stage of commercializing or determined if it is feasible to produce their designs yet.  It is so interesting to hear their aspirations and dreams when you talk to the designers...

"What is Design Tide about?"...here is what this is about:

 Here are some photos of the exhibits at Design Tide:

There was a special Cooperated Project with Jonathan Adler for Lacoste which was part of the Design Tide exhibition...
The colorful shirts were definitely signature Jonathan Adler style!

These are also being featured in the store window of Barneys New York store in Ginza, Tokyo!
While I was in Design Tide, I ran into Jonathan Adler...who invited me to the Jonathan Adler for Lacoste party taking place that evening at Mercedes Benz Connection.

It was a fun and unexpected evening with Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan (who happened to also be celebrating his birthday)!

I like their shirts.  I used to wear these during the 80's preppy phase!  The new colors and styles are much cooler than the ones I had!
Too many things to do in Tokyo and too little time...