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Calvin Klein

When I arrived in New York for the exhibition in August, I could hardly believe my eyes.  The taxi from the airport drove along 60th Street on the way to my hotel.  I looked up and I saw something very familiar in the window of the Calvin Klein Collection boutique and it made me smile.
Here is what I saw...
Their giant window display
Those are indeed are my designs :)
So of course I had to make a visit to the store since my designs have been included in their Home Collection since previous seasons.  The colors I make match their collections but this particular one for the season is very nice!  This is the Signal Red tray.
Another view...
Here are the grey trays you saw in the window.
The Home Collection at Calvin Klein is absolutely beautiful!  I want everything in the store.  You must visit if you are in New York.  They are on the corner of Madison Avenue and 60th Street.
I couldn't help but notice they also had that lovely blue color in their window!