Tina Frey Designs
Modern designs in resin metal paper textiles


Trina Turk

I don't think anyone captures the colorful spirit of Palm Springs quite as beautifully as Trina Turk!  If you are ever in Palm Springs, you must make a stop at her "Residential" shop.  Follow me for a tour!
 The store is a delicious rainbow of colors!
Things in blue...
That's the Tina Frey Designs Cream & Sugar Set in blue!
 Collection of things in pink...
The Pedestal Collection in Pink and Woofy too!
The Marcus Bowl in Pink and Blue and the Salad Servers too!
The beautifully patterned fabrics are by Trina Turk!  Unique signature prints and colors!
 You will likely find Maria available to help you at the store!
I hope you enjoyed the tour!