Tina Frey Designs
Modern designs in resin metal paper textiles


Supper at Quirk Gallery

If you are in Richmond, Virginia sometime between June 30 - August 27, you can make a visit to Quirk Gallery!  Tina Frey Designs is part of a group installation called "Supper".
The installation explores unique table settings with some of their favorite artists which includes Chris Milk, Melody Gulick, and Christopher Jagmin!  We each reinterpret "Supper" using mixed materials with unique variations of theme.
Of course my installation involves the use of my resin homewares in a rainbow of colors!  Here are some photos from the Quirk Blog!
 The installation is displayed on the Cyclone Dining Table by the prominent Japanese American artist and landscape architect, Isamu Noguchi.  This  was supplied by Metro Modern and you can find it here.  It is quite a classic!
I like the mix of the colors and organic shapes against the clean white modern table.  You can purchase the items from the Supper Installation through the Quirk Shop.  Here is what you can find:
The Sorbet Bowl in Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue!

...and the egg cups!