Tina Frey Designs
Modern designs in resin metal paper textiles


It's all in the wrist...

You may recall my blog post about the Tina Frey Designs resin cuffs here.  I love wearing a cuff on each wrist since I think it makes a nice fashion statement with a pop of color.  Sometimes I wear two different colors, and sometimes I wear the same matching color.  You can never get enough of the Wonder Woman Cuff or the Cleopatra Cuff!  (Zoe seems to like it...)
I was just obsessing over my favorite French fashion house, Celine, when I noticed that they added an emerald colored resin cuff to their collection!  Gasp!  Take a look below....they are soooooo beautiful!!:
 I'm quite happy that I can channel the look of Celine with the Tina Frey Designs cuffs!  Here are more images of the Wonder Woman Cuff in different colors which are perfect for spring!
Here's the Cleopatra Cuff:
 You can find these cool cuffs by Tina Frey Designs here and here.  Happy shopping!