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Feeling Electric Blue

I've been falling in love with this shade of blue recently.  I wonder if anyone else is feeling this way...please let me know if you like it!
 It all stared with my love of this clutch by Celine.  I LOVE everything by Celine... but this electric blue is so incredible!  Here is another photo of this great clutch being carried by Taylor Tomasi-Hill (my fashion idol).  She is the Style & Accessories Director for US Marie Claire Magazine.
Here is a different style of the Celine clutch in the same electric blue.
(the above photos are from streetfsn.com  -  one of my favorite fashion blogs!)
 Then there were these beautiful  "Poppy Bow" shoes by Isabel Marant.  I love them!!
You can find these at net-a-porter.  Too bad they are out of my size!!!  Aaargh!  (...maybe that's a good thing...I don't need another pair of shoes...)
Do you like my electric blue tights and my Prada Brogues or Wingtips?

And then there is this beautiful blue carpet (below left) and blue bedspread (below right)...
You get the picture about my latest obsession for this blue.  What do you think of this shade of blue??
I'm experimenting right now.  Let me know if you like it.  If you do, it may end up in the Fall 2011 collection!