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Perfect Lazy Sunday...

Here is a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday morning in San Francisco.  To start the day right, I would suggest going to a very special place called Outerlands.  They open at 10am for brunch on Sundays and it is worth getting there early to put your name down on the list for a table before they open.  Yes, it is that good...
Of course, the key to getting there early is to head over to Trouble Coffee while you wait for Outerlands to open!
If you are already hungry, you must try the cinnamon toast from Trouble Coffee because it is AMAZING!  This picture does not do it justice.  I ate inhaled it too quickly to get a photo!  Sorry!
Finally...the breakfast at Outerlands is served!  That's poached eggs and greens with yellow corn grits and grated parmesan, and the  savory dutch pancake with bacon and maple syrup.  Sooooooo delicious!
After the fantastic breakfast, you can head over to General Store.  They have a great store that carries unique things and vintage items.  You can also check out their blog!
Then you can wander over to Mollusk Surf Shop to stock up on the latest surf boards, wetsuits, and all things surf related.  I found the space to be really cool and inspiring.  Here are the photos from the shop:

 Cool calendar at the store!  Nice art also!
I hope that was a nice little tour of some of my favorite places in San Francisco on a beautiful sunny day!