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Lucky Capri Bubble Ring!

I've always enjoyed wearing my capri bubble ring for a pop of color!  It looks like Lucky Magazine likes this idea too!  They featured the capri ring in the November issue!  Yay!!!
The feature it was on was called "The Clash"..."Mix and match solid blocks of rich color with a wild card - a burst of brightness or a statement accessory - for looks that are unexpected, sophisticated, and a little cheeky".  I love the photo and the outfit they paired it with!!!
The ring she is wearing is the Capri Ring shown in Raspberry Red!  This ring is actually named after my sister and her name is Capri!  Many of the pieces in my collection are named after friends in family!  Here is a better picture of the ring in Raspberry Red!
Here they are in more colors!
Also available in Snow White
and Ebony...
You can get yours here.