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Love Affair with Celine

I'm having a love affair with CELINE...

Ever since Phoebe Philo returned from taking a break after designing for Chloe to designing for the fashion house of Celine Resort 2010, I have not been able to resist falling in love with everything in her collection.  When I saw the photos from the Resort Collection for 2011, I continued to fall deeper in love!

I was quite thrilled to see the simple accessories she used to accompany her dresses and outfits and found this quite inspiring.  I also found that many of the pieces in the Tina Frey collection would nicely complement the clean and simple designs in her collection...which I hope to splurge and add to my closet!  Here are some photos of the Resort 2011 collection and I love how the accessories were paired with the outfits.  I particularly love the cuffs on BOTH wrists!  I also love the cuff-like choker necklaces.:

I have been telling everyone to wear a cuff on each wrist for some time...I'm so glad to see this being done in the photos above.  Doesn't it look great?!  I will be channeling this look with these pieces from the Tina Frey collection:
 For those who are not faint of heart, I love the wider Cleopatra Cuffs worn in a PAIR!  Yes, one on each wrist.  I sometimes wear a different color on each wrist but the same color could also be really nice!
Here is the demi-lune necklace:

The demi-lune necklace worn with a long sleeveless column dress...
And finally...if you want to try this...
So that is how I plan to channel the look of Celine with Tina Frey!