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Kapok in Hong Kong!

On my most recent visit to Hong Kong, I visited one of my new favorite shops called kapok!
It opened in early 2006 as an antidote against the typical things found at giant shopping malls.  Located appropriately off-the-beaten-track, it was hidden amongst garages and a giant banyan tree behind a Tin Hau Temple.  The shop subsequently moved to Saint Francis Yard near Wanchai's trendy Star Street.  This street now includes some of the coolest and most delicious selection of restaurants in the city!
Kapok's founder, Arnault is a Frenchman, who settled in Hong Kong in 1996 and opened the store with the objective to focus on showing products by young companies whose work is not available in Hong Kong.  They strive to showcase brands that combine craftsmanship, creativity, style, and quality.  They now have two locations!  One focuses on fashion & accessories...the other on home and lifestyle!

I personally love shopping at this store since you can always find such unique things!  This is definitely a destination worth visiting!

They carry the most awesome brands like Built by Wendy, Bodkin, Bleu de Paname, Fennica, and many others!  I was so honored when they selected my products for their shop!  You can read more about this cool shop through their blog.  They now have two separate locations and here are some photos of the shops!  One carries the fashion and accessories:

 This one focuses on home and lifestyle.  There is also a great coffee bar for hanging out and chatting with the folks in the store!
You can see the coffee bar below!  Delicious coffee!  (click on the photos to enlarge).
And they carry my designs!  You can read more about it here!  So exciting!
If you are in Hong Kong, make sure you make a visit to check them out for unique finds!  Here are the addresses to the two shops.  They are just around the corner from each other!:

For Home & Lifestyle:
G/F, 3 Sun Street
Wanchai, Hong Kong

For Fashion & Accessories:
G/F, 5 St. Francis Yard
Wanchai, Hong Kong