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Upcycling Exhibition at Merci

While I was in Paris, I visited one of my favorite stores in Le Marais called "merci".  It is a very unique concept store that carries an incredible selection of products.  They were having an exhibition called "Upcycling".
I managed to take many photos of the store this time.  I was a little shy last time when they were having the Human Design exhibition when my designs was selected for the store.  This time I took many pictures!

When you enter the courtyard of the store, you are greeted by this cheerful little red car which is always decorated in the theme of the moment.
As you walk into the store, you see these beautiful lamps which are made with little cut-out paper flowers!  So delicate!
There was a tape display...the letters on the wall are from little pieces of tape carefully placed to spell the letters.
The tape is produced by a Japanese company and comes in an endless variety of colors and patterns!
In the theme of "upcycling", there were many interesting products utilizing recycled materials.  Guess what this chair is made from?
And this lamp from light bulbs!
Coat rack from recycled materials.
Vintage rugs and textiles remade into beautiful larger rugs.
Nice shelving and seating!
I LOVE this table made from vintage parts!!!
I have a thing for old wooden things...and natural wood in general.  Aren't these stools beautiful?
Here is another view of the store from the stairs.
And another view of the store from upstairs.
 I could buy everything in this store!
Sigh...as I am dreaming and looking out the window...here is the view...
 And that's the latest from merci in Paris!