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For as long as I could remember, I have always had a stack of origami paper around the house since you never know when you will have the urge to fold something!  One of my favorite things to fold is the classic crane.
I was thrilled to find this necklace by Rachel from elephantine!  She has the most beautiful and delicate jewelry...and a great blog too!  I love this origami necklace by Rachel!
Then I started to get inspired by all the incredible things you can make with origami and paper.  The following are by Le Creative Sweatshop which is a conceptual agency based in France.  They make the most amazing paper installations for events or advertising!
 They also made these shoes.  I love shoes!

I was blown away by Sipho Mobana of Mabona Origami.  He is quite the origami artist!  Here are some of his art installations.
 You can actually buy one of these origami koi from his etsy shop!  Aren't they beautiful?
Then I discovered this entire website dedicated to folded, pleated, origami things called Pleat Farm!  This is all so inspiring!  I hope you enjoyed and got some inspirations too! 

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