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Maison & Objet News...

At the most recent Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris, there were some special mini-exhibitions of products which were curated for exhibition within a theme.  The one I managed to get some pictures of was called "microcosmes - the new comforts".  The "microcosm" display was an "exhibition of objects and furniture pieces that all create a boundary between the public and private, or more broadly, it offers solutions to ensure a sphere of private comfort amid the maddening crowd...".  So here are some photos from this mini-exhibition at Maison & Objet:
There were these beautiful wooden pods which housed these "microcosms".
Here is what was inside each of them...a comfortable chair...nice...
I'm not sure what this one was trying to tell me...very minimal.
Some nice things here:
This looks like a cozy apartment...
Here's something for your fish, birds, and plants.
And for your flowers...I think...I'm not completely sure if they are vases but very pretty.
This one is my favorite!  So comfy!
Not sure about this one.
Not sure about this either...
What are all these little people doing on the ground??!
Anyway, these wooden pods were beautiful even if I didn't understand what was inside all of them.  I hope you enjoyed!