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In the Pink!

I recently added some new color combinations to the Pluto Necklace.  Isn't the pink color so lovely, especially when it is next to the signal red?!  I love it!!!
The Pluto Necklace also comes in the following colors.  I'll be adding more colors very soon!:
Here's a little factoid in case anyone was wondering how I gave this necklace its name.  For those of you who recall learning about the planets in school, this used to be known as at the ninth planet in the Solar System.  However, this poor little planet lost it's designation as a "planet" in 2006 when the International Astrological Unit defined what it means to be a "planet" (too small...).  As a result, this is now known in a new category of "dwarf planet" in the Kuiper Belt.  Pluto also has two known smaller moons, Nix and Hydra.  Therefore, the two smaller beads are the "moons" to the larger center bead "Pluto".  My little tribute to the little planet.  Who knew I was such as science geek?!