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Counting Sheep

I just saw this movie on the weekend called "sweetgrass" and it follows the last modern day cowboys as they lead their flocks of (3000!) sheep up into the Absaroka-Beartooth mountains of Montana for summer pasture.
I've always found sheep to be particularly endearing and charming beyond counting them to fall asleep.  As if I wasn't already obsessed with them, now I really want my own flock at home.  Well, you can with one of these life sized Sheep Stools by German designer, Hanns-Pater Krafft.
You can get them in the grazing position...
or standing position...
But I really love the photography of Sharon Montrose.  You can visit her at The Animal Print Shop for this print.  This one is my favorite and on my wish list!!:
And there is also this cute one by Catherine Ledner!  She has this wonderful book of photography called Animal House.  Don't you love the setting with the wallpaper and shag carpet?  So civilized!  You can view the complete collection of her animals at Catherine's Animals.
Baaaa baaaaa...!

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