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Back from Paris!!

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the long absence since my last post but I am finally back from Paris!  I was exhibiting my collections at two shows:  1)  Maison & Objet and 2) Premiere Classe.

It was AMAZING!!

This was my first time exhibiting and seeing the show at Maison & Objet and I was in complete awe at the beautiful displays by all the exhibitors and it was really incredible!  I couldn't believe the amount of construction and preparations that went into building out so many individual displays which were like beautiful boutiques that varied in style based on the different types of products.  To be in the exhibition with so many wonderful companies and designers was really an honor!  I couldn't really take pictures of the other booths but here are some photos of my little booth in Paris at Maison & Objet:
 I'm wearing the Peter Pan Collar Necklace in the picture.
Some pictures of my booth and display.
Some photos of woofy!