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Playing With My Food

I love summer and tomato season!  This weekend, I went to this amazing grocery store for the first time called Berkeley Bowl.  I only heard about this legendary place and finally went to check it out.  It was completely mind-blowing since it is HUGE and is a cross between Whole Foods and Trader Joes.  It has the fresh variety and incredible quality like Whole Foods (but more variety) and less expensive like Trader Joes and stuff from local producers.  They have over 20 30 varieties of tomatoes and a huge section dedicated to organic produce.  It was simply amazing!  I felt like I was at a farmers market!  I will definitely drive across the bridge from San Francisco to Berkeley more often!

Anyway, when we got home with our load of groceries, I couldn't help but play with my food..
OK...everybody...line up!
...so I can eat you one by one!
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