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Unique Hotel

Did anyone guess where I was from the last post?  I know...it was a tough one from that small hint.  Here is a photo of the hotel from the outside.  It is at Hotel Unique in Sao Paolo, Brazil!  What an incredible hotel and city.  Sao Paolo is a big gritty city like New York City but even more sprawling!  There will be more posts coming up on the inspirations I found throughout city!
The space is quite amazing.  The building is designed by Brazilian architects Ruy Ohtake and Joao Armentano.  Here is the view from the lobby.  Those doors are giant!
This is the lounge in the lobby.
I wonder how they reach the bottles on the top shelf?  Maybe the same super giants that can fit through the giant front doors!
More from the Lobby
From the rooftop pool/bar/restaurant.  So lovely...the view of the city is amazing!
My photos just don't do justice to just how amazing the place is and the attention to the details and the architecture.  Here are more photos of the rooms from their website.  I really admire the natural wood floors mixed with the simple modern designs.