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Her name is Rio...

We arrived in Rio de Janeiro.  Our taxi drove and drove and we got lost a few times and asked for directions, but we finally arrived at our hotel.  It is called La Suite and you can find them here.  I would definitely recommend staying here if you are visiting the city and want to be a little off the beaten track since it is quite private and very special.  There are only seven guest rooms.  Here is the view when we entered...quite breathtaking!
It feels like we are staying at a someone's house.  We were welcomed by Francois, one of the co-owners, and he was a most gracious host!  Here is a photo of the main room.
The view from the terrace and our room.
Breakfast on the terrace the next morning
 All the rooms are different and decorated in amazing colors.  We stayed in the yellow room!  My favorite color is yellow!  Cool!  Here are some favorite pictures.
I love the placement of chairs and decorative objects around the hotel.  The style was predominantly French but there was a nice mix of antique, modern, and mid-century pieces throughout.
 I'm afraid I don't ever want to leave this place!