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Scott Schuman...from The Sartorialist...at work

I've been addicted to The Sartorialist blog for quite some time.  I find it quite inspiring!  I love fashion and seeing how my designs can incorporate trends or colors from the seasons.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was to run into Scott Schuman while I was in Paris last October and again in January!  Both times, I was in my favorite arrondissement...the Marais!  Here is a photo from January of Scott politely asking this super tall woman if he could take her photo.
I am getting closer for a better photo...Scott is still trying to convince her to let him take her picture.  I don't think Scott is really that short...those giant people would make anyone look short.  I really like his brown ankle boots!  It goes very well with his coat!  I don't think there are enough photos that show how stylish he is.  Maybe I will have to start a new blog.
This is the post that resulted on The Sartorialist blog.  Her whole outfit is even more amazing from the front!  Those earrings!  The guy on the right is pretty cool too.  (You will have to scroll to January 26, 2010 to see this photo on his blog).
Here is another photo of Scott from last October.  I spotted him while my husband and I were having a peaceful coffee at an outdoor cafe.  Once again...very nice shoes!  I feel like I can call Scott by his first name now!

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